• Der ewige Dom

The Spires of Cologne

The Spires of Cologne – The cathedral in historic film shots

Cologne Cathedral built for eternity by men in more than 600 years. Tomb of the Kings of the East. After its conclusion in 1880 it was the highest building of the world for a short time. Through the upcoming film technology around the turn of the century the first moving pictures caused astonishment all over the world and Cologne became a travel destination for everyone. But with the beginning of World War II the Cologne Cathedral is endangered in its existence like never before. The fact that the towers of the cathedral still rise into the sky in 1945 is considered as a miracle until today. The day of the cathedrals reopening three years after v-day, exactly 700 years after the cornerstone was placed, seems like a rebirth for the people of Cologne. Experience one of the most important days of the post-war history in original soundtrack with an introductory greeting of the former archbishop of Westminster Bernard William Cardinal Griffin and many more snapshots from the moving history of the Cologne Cathedral in fascinating historic filmshots.

This DVD contains 5 film documentaries:
The Eternal Cathedral – The cathedral in historic filmshots
-Domfest 1948 – Spires of Cologne – Repairing Cologne Cathedral after WWII, 700th Anniversary of the 
Cathedral 1948
-Exhibition at Cologne´s historic weapons depot 1956 – Cologne Cathedral, Constructional and
spiritual history
-77. German Catholics Assembly1956 – 800.000 people listen to chancellor Konrad Adenauer and  
Archbishop Cardinal Frings
-Pope Benedict at Cologne Cathedral 2005 – Picturesque documentary about Pope Benedict´s visit at the World Youth Day 2005