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The Rhine Valley – A true wonder of the world

The Rhine as you’ve never seen it before! Sensational, full HD shots taken using a 360°c helicopter camera, spectacular takes, a breathtaking panorama of colour, pin sharp images, even from dizzy heights. The Valley of the Rhine, a World Cultural Heritage site since 2002, here at your very feet: a river valley that is the very stuff of poetry, defiant castles, towering rocks, steep vineyards and townscapes taken straight from the picture book. Lean back and relax, and listen closely to the commentary of you flight guide Dr. Werner Schäfke. The Director of many years of Cologne’s Stadtmuseum, City Museum, is one of today’s most successful authors on the history of the River.

Take in the delectable pleasures of a complete package flight that will take you from the State Capital of North-Rhine Westphalia to its counterparts in Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse, and enjoy the infectious experience of the idyllic world of the Rhine Valley – a true natural wonder of the world.

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