• Filmreise in das alte Köln

A film journey into „Lost Cologne“

Steve Blame presents: A film journey into „Lost Cologne“ –
The jewel on the Rhine before its destruction during the Second World War

With this unique DVD, you keep the film heritage of  „Lost Cologne“ in your hands. English commentary by MTV´s former anchorman Steve Blame. Cologne`s old city centre, the area around the famous cathedral, was never systematically recorded on film. This documentary pools together found footage of squares, market places and narrow alleyways filmed by the cameramen of the time and preserved by collectors and film archivists all over the world. Our many findings breathe new life into the old city of Cologne. This documentary shows Cologne`s historic city centre in panoramas almost forgotten today. Even rarer, however, are the glimpses into the city`s backstreets and residential areas. Those who ventured here were sure to stumble upon the undisputed territory of Cologne`s eccentrics and the city`s „Pänz“, a word in Cologne`s local dialect meaning „children“. Framed by events dominating the history of the city, these images – recorded between 1896 and 1933 – take us on a vivid film journey through Lost Cologne. DVD for worldwide use.Steve Blame about this documentary:
I was astounded at not only how beautiful Köln was pre-war, its rich and sometimes tortured and tragic history, the occupation of the British post World War 1 shockingly highlighted by the footage of the British flag flying over the Rhein, but also by the ability of its people to survive and re-invent themselves again and again. A truly fascinating insight into a fascinating city. Priceless.“